Facebook Advertisements converting prospects into customers, generating 6 figures in revenue but why ?

Facebook advertisements have made things related to advertisement more simpler and cost effective for marketers and a wide range of businesses. Continue reading to learn more about the ins and outs of Facebook advertisements and why you should consider Facebook advertisement for your promotional activities over any other method when it comes to advertisements.

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Social media has become the king of endorsing your business to create loyal customers and generate sales and also traffic for your business. I don’t really remember the last time I watched television, but when I did I wasn’t hoping for advertisements that will grab my attention, because usually television advertisements are of 15 seconds or less, within this time they have a purpose of grabbing the customer’s attention, if they fail in that, it is a big loss.

So, what I am trying to say, on social media, the advertisements we see, is much more informative and detailed, we don’t tend to lose it. If an advertisement has our attention, we can search it right away and see more in the details, and hence all know what the product is about and plus with feedbacks and reviews. Which is the opposite on TV ads, we lose it and we have to remember and pay more attention so that we can know about the product properly, because we do not know when that same advertisement of that specific product will come and in which hour. Talking about social media, as the medium, we all know, Facebook has been always in the top, second comes Instagram.

But majority people use Facebook and using Facebook advertisement it is quite easier than that of other social medias. It is the best platform for any business to grow. And the best advantage is, it has never been cheaper to promote your brand and build the demand for your product and services. Before you give a thought of Facebook advertisements, some reasons I would like to highlight how it helps to get your job done.

1) Half of the population relies on social media and thus uses Facebook to know the information they want. Searches for product pages, in order to get more detailed information of the product and services they are looking for. So, the advertisement helps to grab customer’s attention more quickly than they would have to search for your product.

2) The truth is, Facebook’s organic reach is not alive. It is quite disappointing, but it is the truth. When you have a business page, you won’t realize that 0.5 percent of your fans/people would actually see your photos or post, on average. Facebook has been reducing the visibility of business page in people’s newsfeed, making it a nightmare for business owners. So, this is how Facebook indirectly tells you to market your business page through Facebook advertisement, which they are relied on too. Therefore, in order to get your customers to know your business page or brand, you need to use Facebook advertisements.

3) The budget needed or the cost is not that much. It costs only around $30 -55 to promote your brand/page in-front of around 3000 people which can bring thousands of dollars as a return on your investment. You can target different countries and the prices may vary for one country to another. You can check the prices from any verified providers.

The benefit you get? It gets you to wide range of customers living all around the world, who will bring more customers in future. As said, when something has been shared on media. It spreads like fire, if you use the correct tool.

4) Measurable Content promotion: if you are continuously creating great contents for your website, and you want people across the social media to know about, what do you do? You share your updated post on social networks. But sadly, this is not enough if you are aiming to get a huge audience. It won’t even reach half. So here, where Facebook ads come to a rescue for all. What it does is, Facebook advertisements will amplify the reach of your content. By using ads, you will get more organic reach for your content, which would meet your expectations. Now you may have a lot going in your head, that how does it work and why is it so complicated. Let me explain in the easiest way. Here is the catch, when influencers share your Facebook Ads, (yes people do share ads), your content will be more exposed to a larger audiences, which leads to an engagement or interactive thing.

5) Visitors turning into real customers or loyal customer: The effort you have given and the money spent for Facebook ads, will bring new traffic for your website. But at some point you want more of it, you want the sales to increase, you want more profit. To achieve this, you’ll want to tag visitors who come to your site with a cookie. This will help build your re-marketing audience. Now you can start by applying behavioral and demographic filters on your audience to target your Facebook Ads to a narrow group of people who are interested in your stuff (behavioral and interest targeting). This may cost $100 or more, but this is complete worth the price. If your profit and sales is increasing, why won’t you spend? Here is where Facebook Ads will help you more frequently capture qualified leads or make sales.

6) Target what you want: In Facebook, you can target people of your desired content, you may not know this, but this is a fact. Business page or brand can target audiences through Facebook ads by locations, demographics, age, gender, interests, behavior, and connections. As mentioned earlier, it would cost $100 or more, depending on your demand, but as said it is completely worth it, if you want a targeted audience, which will help your business grow and will move your business to move forward.

7) Fastest and cheapest form of advertisement: Facebooks advertisement is the fastest form of promotion. It gives you an immediate result. Bring an immediate huge traffic to your website or fan page. In a day, you will start reaching thousands of people around the globe and last but not the least it is the cheapest form of advertisement as well.

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Facebook advertisements also help you to get Niche Targeted likes: as mention earlier you can target any audience you want. Would like to highlight some benefits: 

When we have a business page, we definitely know what our niche is, is it for clothes, or cars or instruments and so on. So when we want likes from the people who are interested and are familiar with the niche your page serves, it is much easier to make your popular among the site. People with same content for example, your page is for selling bull-dogs, buying targeted niche likes, will makes sure that you get likes from the people who share the same interest as you.

This leads to increase in likes on your page, and because it gets recommendations among people who are interested on the content your page is offering, you will get more real likes plus targeted niche likes as well. It gives a boost to your page and thus your business. When customers will have a fast response and promised business, they will come back again and also with new customers for your page as well, which increases your profit and so on. Reviews will get better as per your customer satisfaction, which as a whole will serve you the best of both worlds.

There is a guaranteed possibility of those people not leaving your page, because as mentioned earlier they are not random people liking your page, they are those people who share the same interest as you.

That is why it is highly recommended, when you have business page or a page that is specific to a subject, it is better and most suitable to buy targeted niche likes only from trusted agencies, because it comes with a guarantee and plus you don’t of lose your sleep over people un liking the page later. It maybe costly, but it is completely worth the price, which as a whole will give a boost to your profit. You got to spend a bit more, to get the profit you are hoping for, in order to achieve the goal of your business. Once you have your business/page running on the track, you will be used to this system, and it is a guarantee, that you will come again.